Julien Dambron

My favorite tools

March 27, 2019

This is a list of tools I use frequently.

On my computer

  • Arch Linux: lightweight and customisable Operating System
  • Firefox: Honestly the best browser available on desktop
  • i3: lightweight and efficient window manager, definitely not for everyone but I couldn’t use another one
  • Vim: my favorite editor, the learning curve is quite challenging but once you begin to know it well it is awesome

On my phone

No games and distracting apps (such as social media) away from the welcome screen

  • Asana: my todo list (using GTD)
  • Audible: to listen audiobooks while comuting or walking in the city
  • Google Podcasts: I love its minimalism and synchronisation along multiple devices
  • Signal: to safely and privately communicate

Services I use

  • Evernote: as my external brain
  • Feedly: to follow updates on many sources that interest me
  • Spotify: my music streaming platform of choice, the company has a great mindset and is agile in a stunning way

Julien Dambron

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