Julien Dambron

About me

August 27, 2018

Short version

I am a tech lead, meaning both a software engineer and a manager. Currently I work for the space industry.

I live in my favorite city in France: Bordeaux.

I am interested in a ton of subjects, always trying to discover and learn new things.

Longer version

I am currently working as tech lead basically helping sending stuff in space.

I read a lot, I mean really a lot (generally around 80 books a year).

I also listen a lot of podcasts about various subjects.

To make it simple, I value a lot things that help me learn and grow. Which means I generally avoid activities that feel like a waste of time.


I now live in Bordeaux.

I am quite active in the couchsurfing community. It is such a great way to help others while broadening your mind.

I am an aspiring minimalist (reducing more and more the clutter in my life).

The philosophy that really resonates with me is Stoicism.

I just love geeking with all kinds of tools, apps, programming languages…

I am deliberate about what I do and take full responsability for it!

Julien Dambron

Written by Julien Dambron tech lead and avid learner. About. What I'm doing now.