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Julien Dambron

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How is this website built?

01 November, 2018

Tools This website is built using the following tools: GatsbyJS : Blazing fast static websites generator using the latest web technologies…

15000 Push-ups challenge

01 October, 2018

I decided to follow the great idea of Heinz Kabutz from JavaSpecialists.eu of a 15000 push-ups challenge . The objective: 1000 push-ups…

My favorite tools

29 September, 2018

This is a list of tools I use frequently. On my computer Arch Linux : lightweight and customisable Operating System Firefox : Honestly the…

Recommended podcasts

11 September, 2018

Software Engineering Coding Blocks Command Line Heroes Developer On Fire Hanselminutes Legacy Code Rocks! Software Engineering Daily…

What I'm doing now

11 September, 2018

(This is a now page , inspired by Derek Sivers . If you have your own site, you should make one , too.) Learning One of my main goals is…

About me

27 August, 2018

Short version I am a tech lead, meaning both a software engineer and a manager. Currently I work for the space industry. I live in my…