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24 April, 2019

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one. - George R.R. Martin 2019 Title Author(s) Adapt Tim…

What I'm doing now

27 March, 2019

(This is a now page , inspired by Derek Sivers . If you have your own site, you should make one , too.) Learning One of my main goals is…

My favorite tools

27 March, 2019

This is a list of tools I use frequently. On my computer Arch Linux : lightweight and customisable Operating System Firefox : Honestly the…

Technical Excellence

21 January, 2019

One often underlooked core principle of the agile manifesto is technical excellence . Implementing agile practices only in management…

Deep dive into Scrum & Agile

18 January, 2019

Starting in February, I will experience a big change in my career. I will become a Scrum Master and therefore be much more involved in agile…

How is this website built?

01 November, 2018

Tools This website is built using the following tools: GatsbyJS : Blazing fast static websites generator using the latest web technologies…

15000 Push-ups challenge

01 October, 2018

I decided to follow the great idea of Heinz Kabutz from JavaSpecialists.eu of a 15000 push-ups challenge . The objective: 1000 push-ups…

Recommended podcasts

11 September, 2018

Software Engineering Coding Blocks Command Line Heroes Developer On Fire Hanselminutes Legacy Code Rocks! Software Engineering Daily…

About me

27 August, 2018

Short version I am a Scrum Master, promoting agility, resilience, adaptability and growth in my team. I live in my favorite city in France…