Julien Dambron

Deep dive into Scrum & Agile

Starting in February, I will experience a big change in my career. I will become a Scrum Master and therefore be much more involved in agile practices.

To supercharge this new start and be effective quicker, I (re)visited some resources about agile in general and the role of Scrum Master in particular. Here is a short summary of this journey, hoping it can help new or future Scrum Masters to get started.


First, it is always a good idea to go back to the basics. Revisiting the goals, principles and values of agile software development:


Some books that I found interesting on the subject:


Some good resources for the ears:

Physical meetups

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of meeting other agilists and sharing your experiences. One good way is to look on a site like Meetup if there is any agile group in your city (for instance Agile Bordeaux for me).