Julien Dambron

Essential Command Line Tools for Productivity and Efficiency


Here's a list of indispensable command line tools I use daily. These aren't part of a standard POSIX setup, but their simplicity, speed, and minimal dependencies make them invaluable. Let's dive in!

My CLI Environment:

I use Fish inside Alacritty, a fast, simple terminal emulator, with the elegant Monaspace font for enhanced readability.

aria2: Multi-protocol Downloader

aria2 is my go-to for fetching files from the internet, be it HTTP, FTP, or BitTorrent.

atuin: Sync Shell History

atuin helps me search and sync my shell history effortlessly.

bat: The Cool cat Replacement

bat enhances file viewing with syntax highlighting and Git integration, making it a superior cat alternative.

chezmoi: Dotfile Management

chezmoi keeps my dotfiles organized and consistent. Check out my configurations here.

delta: Syntax-Highlighting Pager

delta makes git, diff, and grep outputs more readable with syntax highlighting.

eza: ls on Steroids

eza replaces ls with better defaults, visuals, and functionality.

fd: A More Natural find

fd is a faster, more intuitive alternative to find for file searching and navigation.

lazygit: simple UI for git commands

A simple and efficient UI for git without leaving the terminal.

restic: Excellent Backup Tool

restic is my reliable, efficient backup solution.

ripgrep: Turbocharged grep

ripgrep is my choice for fast codebase searches, outperforming standard grep.

Syncthing: Decentralized File Synchronization

Syncthing keeps my files in sync across devices while maintaining privacy.

Zellij: Terminal workspace

Similar to tmux but even better.